Number of schools offering dance instruction and drama/theater instruction. 


Inspiring social change through community action.


Number of U.S. school districts with limited funding for art programs.

Be part of our "Friends of Community Alliance" network and make a difference in the lives our underserved children and families in Brunswick County and beyond by donating to our cause. 

Number of people in Brunswick County with less than a high school education.




Everyone has a talent or skill they can share. Whether you want to teach, mentor, fund raise, or simply be an advocate for our cause,, let us know if you’re interested in volunteering your time and talent to support our mission of bringing dance, yoga, and martial arts to everybody. 

Poverty limits opportunity by restricting access to resources and information, better paying jobs, education, social capital, and exposure to the arts and humanities. One of the best opportunities we can give children in Brunswick County and beyond is to imagine a life outside of their community. Access to movement education like dance and yoga instruction supports self-discovery, critical and creative thinking, passion, life skills, and career opportunities,and gives under-served children equal time to find and foster a passion for things they're good at.   


Give back to the community by donating your studio space or facility, sponsor a program, host a fundraiser. With your support and contributions we can make the transformative power of movement accessible to all. 

community can make change happen 


Number of children living in poverty in Brunswick County.